Educational Outreach

... it definitely boosts my confidence!

... it's very special, singing [Messiah] in this place.

... it's pretty awesome! 

– Children's Messiah student singers


Educational Outreach

Polyphony: Voices of New Mexico’s educational outreach programming strives to promote and improve the life-long performance, understanding and appreciation of ensemble singing. All full time high school and college students are admitted to our events for FREE.  

Our annual A Children’s Messiah project seeks to serve young singers and students of all ages and levels of experience as they perform movements of this masterpiece alongside professional singers from PVNM. Audience members are encouraged to participate as they feel comfortable. 

Information on how to JOIN the CHORUS for our 8th annual Children's Messiah event can be found HERE.

Our 7th annual Children's Messiah took place on December 17, 2022.
Enjoy these highlights!

Our SPRING SING event is aimed at attracting amateur singers, providing them the opportunity to focus on vocal blend, breathing techniques, tempo, dynamics, and vocal expression in a friendly workshop environment, making music alongside professional singers from PVNM all whilst workshopping a new piece of music. There is time for socializing, meeting new people, and making new friends. This series of workshops has led to public performances of the music studied. Click HERE for details on our Mozart educational event. 

PVNM partners with the annual Vocal Artistry Art Song Festival by supporting, through a $575 scholarship, a gifted and talented young soloist. These young artists are then encouraged to participate in PVNM events, concerts, and educational workshops, and help to promote Polyphony’s mission. 

As part of the organization's commitment to education, each year Polyphony does its very best to include auditioned, talented, and promising high school students as part of its vocal rosters. They are known as Choral Scholars. 

Vocal Artistry Art Song Festival winners who have received Polyphony's financial assistance: 

2023 - Jennifer Kuchar, soprano, $575 scholarship winner

2022  - Margot Friedli, soprano, $500 scholarship winner

2021 - Sophia Neal, soprano, $500 scholarship winner

2020  - Chandlar Head, soprano, $500 scholarship winner

2019 - Lydia Grindatto, soprano, $500 scholarship winner

2018 - Gregory Gallagher, tenor, $500 scholarship winner

2017 - Hannah Weeks, soprano, $500 scholarship winner

2016 - Hannah Weeks, soprano, $500 scholarship winner

2015 - Rafael Salcido-Reyes,  Young Artist Division winner

2014 - Eve Gronert, Young Artist Division winner

2013 - Maximillian Contreras Music Education/Choral Division winner

2012 - Paul Hunton, Emerging Artist Division

2010 - Kellie Dahlke-Fuentes, Vocal Artistry Division

A message from Jennifer (Jenna) Kuchar winner of the Polyphony: Voices of New Mexico award at the 2023 Vocal Artistry Art Song Festival.